Karate. Transformed.

Wearables for karate training

What You Need to Know

KikSense K-Trainer lets you train anywhere and still track your performance; check if you are ready for competitions; and compare your progress to fellow karatekas. As parents of little ones, receive feedback on their techniques.


Compare technique to preset moves of Sensei


Train anywhere & anytime


Track performance


Determine belt test & tournament readiness


Parents get feedback on little karatekas


Compare your progress to peers'

How K-Trainer Works

When student wears sensors during practice, their moves are displayed and compared to their Sensei's technique. Immediately, they can see how well their punches and kicks match with Sensei on any screen: TV, cell phone, monitor. Karateka can practice anywhere and anytime, in addition to karate classes, and it's like having your Sensei right there with you.