KikSense Story

Our son Daniel has been a karateka since he was almost 7 years old. He has 1st degree black belt (Shodan) in Shotokan karate. Through the years, we have seen bored students, overwhelmed coaches, lack of results, and missed points in tournaments.

Hard to believe, but a 12 year old had an epiphany. Daniel came home one evening from karate class and said that he wants to create something to help with karate training. Something that will make it more interesting and accurate for students. Something that will help coaches teach and judges not miss a kick or a punch.

As any parent would have done, I dropped everything and began researching :-). No, seriously, a thorough research was necessary, but without the "dropping everything" part. We saw the need for technology in karate. There is nothing in existence that would solve boredom, stress, and human error in karate. With Daniel as our ring leader, KikSense was born.

Since then, we have been doing market research at tournaments and dojos. We patented KikSense system at the end of 2019. And, we have been working on KikSense's n-th prototype.

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