What kind of wearable is it?

It is a system of 4 sensors that you put on your wrists and ankles during training. They can be worn underneath karate gear.

Does KikSense need WiFi?

Yes, KikSense needs WiFi. But, if there is no internet connection during your trainings, the feedback is saved for you to view later with WiFi.

What are K-Trainer and K-Coach?

KikSense has two apps: K-Trainer is for students and K-Coach is for senseis. K-Trainer compares student's technique to sensei's and displays the results on any screen. K-Trainer also tracks progress and readiness, and where the student stands compared to fellow karatekas.

K-Coach, on the other hand, is for senseis. Senseis save their signature moves using this app. K-Coach helps track student's progress in class or wherever the student trains, and offer accurate feedback to each and every student.

What if my dojo doesn't want to use technology?

You can still use K-Trainer. Preset library of techniques is available for you to use. You can track your progress and readiness as long as you wear the sensors in traing.

How do I know my kicks and punches are done right?

When you put on sensors and begin training, KikSense compares your kicks and punches to the ones that your sensei saved earlier. The results are displayed on the screen of your choice: TV, laptop, cell phone. You can instantly see, if your move matched with sensei. You can see your mistake.

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